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Lower Falls of the Yellowstone – Yellowstone National Park

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I’m Adele L. and I’ll be your curator and guide through our virtual adventures.

I started American Nomad to share my passion for travel, history and culture, amazing food and adventure. I’ve visited forty-six states (still need Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana and Nevada off my list)…

I hope American Nomad inspires YOU as you embark on your own travel journey.I started this site to share my love of travel with others and share experiences about interesting spots throughout the US and beyond.A few of the adventures you’ll discover on American Nomad

Museum Explorer – Travel the world through unique and interesting museums. Kind of like Indiana Jones without having to enter The Temple of Doom

National Parks Explorer – articles and resources about National (and State) Parks like Yellowstone, The Blue Ridge Parkway and more…

City Explorer – Learn more about exciting cities like NYC and DC

Destination Coffee – spilling the beans on the best coffee and cafes

Art Expeditions – Our partner site that helps you TRAVEL the World through ART

Travel Resources – tips to help you find affordable and fun ways to travel

Coming Soon! American Nomad Traveler Podcast -featuring and more

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