Yellowstone Discovery: The Golden Gate

Leaving Norris Geyser Basin, we are heading north on the Grand Loop Road back towards Mammoth Hot Springs. This twenty-one mile stretch of road is dotted with scenery and geology. Stop one, just north of Norris – you’ll discover Frying Pan Spring on the right side of the road and Nymph Spring on the left. […]

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Yellowstone Discovery: Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone lies just south of Mt. Washburn (our last virtual stop) and east of Norris Geyser Basin. The canyon is hands down one of the most scenic spots on our planet. This twenty mile canyon tells a geologic story of volcanism, erosion, and forces of nature. While scientists are not […]

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Yellowstone Discovery: Lamar Valley

Located in the Northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park nestled between Tower Junction (YNP) and the gateway town of Cooke City, MT, travelers will discover The Lamar Valley. Dubbed as America’s Serengeti – the Lamar Valley is home to dense herds of bison, elk, antelope, Grizzly and Black Bears, wolves and more. Set against the […]

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Yellowstone Discovery – Mammoth Hot Springs

Located at Yellowstone’s northern entrance you’ll Mammoth Hot Springs – an otherworldly wonderland of travertine castles and bubbling steaming hot springs. Mammoth is known for it’s elegant travertine terraces and sweeping views of the neighboring Absaroka and Gallatin Mountain Ranges. “No human architect ever designed such intricate fountains as these. The water trickles over the […]

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Yellowstone – Northern Entrance

Yellowstone is celebrating 150 years in 2022 as the world’s first national park! To commemorate this momentous occasion – American Nomad is blogging through Yellowstone. In our previous entries overviewed the park and its geology…today we are starting our Northern Discovery of Yellowstone with a stop Yellowstone’s original gateway town of Gardiner and a stop […]

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Yellowstone: History of Fire and Ice

Thanks for joining us on this virtual tour of Yellowstone – stay tuned as we blog through the park…Today we are learning more about Yellowstone’s sizzling history of volcanism. Yellowstone is a land carved by a history of fire and ice, from million of years of volcanism to glaciers, wildfire, erosion and rebirth. Yellowstone is […]

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