NC Explorer: Fun Things to do in Beaufort NC

Fun things to do…in Beaufort NC Set your clocks to Coastal Time as we travel to the North Carolina coastal town of Beaufort where history, beauty and beach vibes collide for a fabulously great time. I grew up going to Beaufort with my family. My grandparents had a condo in nearby Atlantic Beach and we’d […]

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Fun Facts about The Vatican

Located in the heart of Rome, The Vatican has been the center of Christian worship for nearly two millenia. Built on top of the burial site of St. Peter, The Vatican is the seat of The Roman Catholic Church and a pilgrimmage spot for millions of faithful each year. I visited The Vatican for the […]

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Italian Adventures: Visiting Padua

Today we’re continuing our Italian Adventures by taking the train from Verona to Padua to explore this ‘miraculous’ city that predates Rome. Visiting Padua…with a few fun facts and history before beginning our tour. Facts about Padua: Unfortunately the city fell on hard times when: Things to see: Palazzo Bo: When Visiting Padua you must […]

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Venice Explorer: Heavenly Churches

Thanks for joining the Venice Explorer tour.Venice is a city of heavenly churches, in addition to the glorious St. Mark’s Basilica, the city has over 200 churches (100 on the main islands – Centro Storico) Today we are going to make pilgrimmages to some of Venice’s most serene churches Salute Basilica The Church and Basilica […]

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NYC Explorer: Art Museums 101

We’re continuing our tour of New York City with a quick introduction of The Big Apple’s best art museums. We’ll then dive deeper into each museums unique collections in upcoming posts. I have always had a love affair with art. I grew up spending free time exploring the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh […]

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