Urban Wild – Lake Johnson Raleigh NC

In the breakneck pace of the day you need to carve out space between time to get lost in the urban wild.  Raleigh has become a sprawling mass of traffic jams, quick start building projects, techno energy drain.  I am born and raised in Raleigh.  I made my debut here, my family has deep ties […]

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Sunset on Fire

There is nothing more serene than a lost edge of the world sunset flooding city streets like the Aurora Borealis…as I completed my neighborhood walk tonight I caught sight of a spectrum of light and shadow in collusion as the sun rebelled against the night – setting fire to the sky… Sometimes adventure is just […]

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Piers and Seashells

Cracked sea shells, shimmering sand in the afterglow of the ocean’s kiss – I am starting to think this could be heaven as I hear the whistle of the wind move in the rhythm of the sea. Piers – a window on the water, seashells and sand allow us to build castles at least until […]

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