Crashing Waves in the Veil of Mist: Wrightsville

The beach has cast a spell and we just couldn’t run away.  My mom and I decided to stay in Wrightsville one more day.  This morning I enjoyed listening to the sound of the ocean’s musings from my deck while sipping a strong cup of coffee.  Later in the day my mom and I went on a walk to the far end of the island to peaceful area of public beach access on the south end of Wrightsville.  This nook is where the sound and ocean collide – I marveled in the layers of sand, from the colorful shards of sea shells to hues of white and mud gray sand.  The sky was a tapestry of emotions from thick gathering storm clouds to inviting wide open blue.  I snapped numerous pictures, trying to capture the moods and layers of the moment.

The rain started to sprinkle as we made our way back to The Sandpeddler.  This is the rain that is fresh and smells like the ocean, it is invigorating and cleansing – the type of wet you don’t mind dancing in.

Hungry for lunch, we decided to toast our glasses again at Tower 7 – this time we indulged in fresh fish tacos – the Mahi-Mahi hit the spot – it was succulent, fresh and paired perfectly with pico and lime.  YUM!

After lunch we drove to the north end of the island to check out Shell Island Resort and the Holiday Inn Sunspree.  My mom stayed at the Holiday Inn years ago and loved it.  Wrightsville has so many top accommodations perfect for every beach personality from beach flip flop sand in your shoes bum to ocean couture.  Each of the resorts is family friendly – Wrightsville is all about community – positive energy is everywhere.  Perks about Sun Spree is that the Holiday Inn has a Kids Club and Indoor Pool and instant beach access.  The Sandpeddler is the perfect balance of homey and resort chic – it is easy on the budget and has personality plus.  The Sandpeddler is quiet and conveniently placed across from a public beach and by The Oceanic.  Shell Island is private and another good option for families.  I’ll blog about hotel options in a future post, but suffice it to say every hotel on Wrightsville is nice – you just need to match one for your needs.  I will say I am disappointed in the Blockade Runner.  I used to stay there as a kid and in its fiftieth year – it feels like its character is dated by lack of care, leaving the personality it once had drowning in kind of overpriced dumpy ’boutique’ chic.  I still give it kudos for beachfront, but am a bit disappointed by the BR.

Still stuffed from lunch, we went on another walk.  The weather vacillated between sun and rain…which created an amazing aura.  As we stepped onto the beach near a forgotten pathway, the clouds of mist rose into an atmospheric fog, so pure and ethereal you cannot describe the essence.  I felt as thought I were in the veil of heaven, between distant shores…in the moving brushstrokes of a Monet.  The colors were astounding of pale pinks, purple grays and blues and grays…it is amazing how much color is in the gray mists on the beach.  The Crystal Pier was completely obscured.  The sun was illuminated like a halo – so obscured staring at its golden orb the eyes felt not pain from the intensity.  I did not bring my camera – so words will have to describe the wonder, but even a camera could not replace the sense of the moment, so raw and effortless.  We walked in the mists for two miles.

My senses were alert in the obscurity of fog…the sand is stratified in the glimmering wet gloss of sea foam, shelled compost, light browns to pinks, black sand and foot prints like art…the grooves left by the lost tossing and turning of waves shouts to the turbulent peace and artistry of the land…so it falls…and rises…I tune into the pace of the waves, they rise and crash down, rise and crash down, different paces, echoes in sound…the sea is truly a symphony…so many natural instruments, the whistle of the dunes, caw of the seagull, roar and ssshooooshing and lapping of the waves, grinding of the sand…it is a symphony I close my eyes and listen.  It fills up my cup and my soul is overflowing.

Even in the depth of fog and the intensifying rattling of gurgling waves surfers braved the crashing cymbal desperate for the surf high.  I read an article on National Geographic listing Wrightsville Beach as one of the top twenty surf spots in the world.  Surfing is part of the islands culture and is a top attraction.  South End Surf Shop next to our hotel is one of many in the area serving surfers.

I return to the land of the living tomorrow relaxed, refreshed and ready to embrace life’s next adventure.

ps I am working on adding photos – they will be upload soon!

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