Highway Surfin’ to Wrightsville Beach

The roar of the ocean crashes into sand, collapsing and rising against the gravity magnet concert of the moon. The night is deep and dark illuminated by the lunar silver; the stars reflect against the sand like diamonds in the rough. As I stand on the edge of the continent my heart beats wildly and […]

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Phantom Sun, Lone Tree

Nature stirs the imagination to wonder – to deduce and to set forth on an empirical journey to learn and grow, viewing life through the natural lens.  This lens understands hardship and adversity from bitter frozen winters and the rising sun of summer to fire and ash, rebirth and growing pains.  This natural splendor reminds […]

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Yellowstone is my fire

It seems fitting that I launch this great trek into the unknown travels of blogging on March 1st.  143 years ago today President Grant signed an Act of Dedication establishing Yellowstone as the world’s first national park, a place to be preserved and protected.  Solitude and scenery, wanderlust and adventure.  Yellowstone is my favorite place […]

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