Yellowstone is my fire

It seems fitting that I launch this great trek into the unknown travels of blogging on March 1st.  143 years ago today President Grant signed an Act of Dedication establishing Yellowstone as the world’s first national park, a place to be preserved and protected.  Solitude and scenery, wanderlust and adventure.  Yellowstone is my favorite place in the world – it is my heart song.  Yellowstone is a wonderland of fire and ice, an ecological paradise on the edges of the frontier of the American West.  Yellowstone is a place that symbolizes the wild adventure and imagination in us all.


I was born with wanderlust.  I love exploration.  I enjoy hiking into the back country climbing mountains and wandering roads without a map, learning about life and discovering myself.


This first entry is sparse, but it only takes an idea to create and cultivate magic.   Vagabond Warrior is a blog and website dedicated to travel, from off the beaten path excursions to history and mystery tours of our national parks, sweet tea and rum on a rocking chair ocean side…We all long to break our routine to travel beyond our peripheral vision where imagination becomes reality.  I love to travel, but money and time often are road blocks.  The tremendous advantage of the internet is the ability to connect on a different frontier, exploring wild places and bustling city streets from our web browsers, tablets and phones.

This blog is a bridge.  I am going to write about my adventures, past, present and future on the road.  It also will have feature articles on destinations I dream about going to in the edge of sunrise, but time is too much of a thief to allow right now.  Travel, food, adventure.  Let’s take this journey into the great unknown.

Stay tuned.

I am merging this with my old blog (which I will update from time to time – ‘Into the Great Unknown.’)

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