Hello American Nomad Travelers

Hi friends and fellow travelers! It has been a while since I’ve posted and wanted to give you an update…in the past six months, I’ve been settling into a new job in tech sales and most of my free hours have been spent learning the ropes.

I’m planning to get back into posting regularly and new podcast episodes soon.

A few exciting trip blogs to look forward to in the coming month:

  • Adventure to Harper’s Ferry West Virginia
  • Shenandoah Top Tips
  • Blowing Rock Adventures
  • Grandfather Mountain
  • Peaks of Otter Tips
  • Charleston Haunts and History

I’m also excited to start a new blog series on American Nomad called ‘Music Detours…’ My background is in music business and I have a huge passion for music and promoting Indie Artists…For me each roadtrip must have a unique soundtrack that brings the scenery and mood to life – sometimes that may be the quiet hum of the tires on the interstate…or and eclectic mix of vintage country to pop and beyond.

I’m looking forward to this new ‘detour’ on American Nomad…

Also don’t forget to check out my sister site: Art Expeditions, which combines the best of fine art and travel.

You can also find me on facebook:

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Thanks for supporting American Nomad – be on the look out for the first ‘Music Detours’ soon!

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