Destination Coffee: Spilling the Beans on Greenville SC Coffee Scene

Falls of the Reedy – Downtown Greenville

I’m going to spill the beans on a little secret – one of the prettiest cities in the US is Greenville SC. While, Greenville has always been the metropolitan oasis for South Carolina’s Upcountry – those outside of the region have been generally unaware of the charm, innate beauty and awesome city buzz that Greenville has to offer.

A river runs through it – literally. Greenville lies on the banks of the picturesque roaring Reedy River, which meanders through downtown, catapulting it’s way over the rocky precipices of stone at the dramatic Falls of the Reedy Park.

I’ll highlight the history and culture of Greenville in a future article, but first I need a cup of coffee. What’s your preferred roast today?

I’ll preface with: Greenville is a food lovers dream – it would take over 1000 days to eat at all the restaurants they have to offer and I’d still need seconds. South Carolinians know food and Greenville offers the best in local fare, plus countess authentic international eats.

It starts with coffee: Greenville offers the perfect blend of coffees and teas to soothe any caffeine or chamomile fix. From funky hole in the wall java stops to bustling downtown cafes – there is a coffee shop for you in Greenville.

*I am a java lover, but as someone who has struggled with IBS/SIBO – I understand coffee might be off the menu, each of these spots features other awesome drinks and treats

On this coffee tour, we’re going to start at my favorite Greenville coffee haunt – Spill the Beans. I discovered this spot during a 2019 trip with my mom. We were in Greenville for my birthday weekend and just ate at the nearby French restaurant. We realized we needed a bit of a jolt for the drive home and noticed the adjacent riverside coffee shop.

I remember that first visit – an eclectic mix of college students from nearby Furman and other area schools studying and chatting about classes – to young professionals discussing a night on the town – as well as spillover from Peace Center for the Performing Arts (across the street) – after their Broadway series.

I instantly fell in love with the Greenville vibe – I will often think of that night – the fun night on the town – enjoying coffee with my mom next door to a waterfall! And while the urban cool atmosphere at Spill the Beans is java-licious (yes I love the puns) – the real brew is their menu of specialty lattes and ice-cream treats.

And while I often don’t opt for an afternoon coffee milkshake – Spill the Beans is the exception. The best coffee milkshake I’ve ever had! So good it would be a sin for the calories to count.

During this 2022 trip, I visited Spill the Beans twice – first for my milkshake (heaven and espresso) and the next morning for a power latte (Cinnamon Roll Latte) to power me through the work day.

The staff is super friendly and took time to answer questions about their coffee and menu. STB has a seasonal coffee menu, but what this is truly a pick your own java path. They have tons of flavors, milk (dairy, non-dairy) and blends to craft your perfect cup of Joe.

Funny enough their beans are specialty roasted specifically for Spill the Beans by DCR – a local Raleigh NC roaster (my hometown). I’m not as familiar with DCR – but definitely look forward to checking their roasts back in Raleigh as well.

The traveler blend was a personal favorite – smooth and bold but not too dark…but each of these blends is something to chai’t about.

For more information about Spill the Beans…

Other Greenville favorites:

Methodical Coffee:

I was first introduced to Methodical in Raleigh – as it is sold at my local coffee shop..To visit in person is a must in Greenville. They roast their coffee in house and have become a go-to blend for other coffee shops throughout the southeast. They have several locations in Greenville including downtown. To learn more click here.

Coffee Underground: Serving up beans roasted in house – CU has been the coffee hot spot for Greenville since the early 1990s. They specialize in homemade desserts and savory breakfast and lunch. They also host live music. Check out their website here.

Due South Coffee Roasters: Serious java lovers are a-buzz about Due South for their bold and flavorful coffee. Now located in the Water Tower District at Hampton Station, this artisan coffee shop serves up expertly brewed drinks as well as beans you’ll want to take home by the pound. You can order their beans online here.

Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse: Sweet crepes coupled with a hot or iced cup of delicious coffee- you can’t go wrong. They also have an abundance of non-java drinks like peach ginger lemonade. I hope to try the crepes on my next visit.

Old Europe Desserts and Coffeehouse: take a trip to Europe in this sweet coffeeshop in downtown Greenville. Tons of amazing pastries and drinks for any palette.

Next time on Destination Coffee we’ll explore a few favorites along SC-NC Blue Ridge Mountains.

Love hearing your tips for our next coffee adventures!

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