Destination Coffee: Travel + Java is the perfect Blend

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons…” T.S. Eliot

Nothing fuels an adventure better than a bit of scenery with a full coffee cup.

I am not a morning person, so I take my morning cup of Joe very seriously and when traveling – finding my morning (or afternoon) brew is part of the adventure.

Fun fact: Americans drink over 400 million cups of coffee every day and 146 billion per year!

Humans love our coffee. While the caffeine boost is helpful, for me my love of coffee is a bit deeper:

  • I love the taste and exploring the unique flavors and brews from various beans and blends. Coffee, like a good wine or cheese varies in boldness and taste by region and roaster. While Maxewll House and Folger’s have their place, once you get hooked on organic and soulfully roasted coffee it is hard to just drink anything. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I like generic coffee for a quick jolt, but like a good wine, I’d prefer to savor a good cup of coffee.
  • A cup of coffee gives me a jolt in the morning, but also is calming. I can savor the taste, sip by sip as I hustle through my workday. I am not a chugger of my java – I tend to drink my first cup over an hour (so Corkicle thank you for keeping it HOT or iced).
  • Coffee and a good book, sitting in your favorite nook is relaxing and helps you step out of the crazy for a bit.
  • Coffee + Cafes = Connection. It is fun to meet with friends and catch up for meaningful conversation at a local cafe. We missed this during the worst of the pandemic, but luckily we are able to connect in person again at our local coffee house.
  • The cafe experience and ‘coffee culture’ isn’t just about coffee: While I might be bold in saying this I think coffee is a way to connect and helps ‘ground’ us in our daily ‘grind.’ A morning cup sets the tone for a productive day, while trying out new blends from new roasters – is connecting with unique businesses that are investing in a worldwide economy. Coffee is about coming together in conversation. It is a drink that keeps us productive and also gives us the permission to take a ‘coffee break.’

A few years ago, my fellow java lover, ML and I started exploring local coffee shops on the weekend to ‘cappucino’ up on our daily grinds. During COVID – we took a break from in person coffee time to virtual coffee conversation.

We signed up for a Trade Coffee subscription. Trade is one of the major subscription coffee services that works with small business roasters across the country to provide subscribers the best cup of coffee no matter what their location.

Small batch roasters from California to New York and every byway in between are part of the program, offering a variety of blends, roasts and flavors. You can select the frequency and types of roasts you prefer – Trade then curates unique selections for you.

You then choose the perfect plan for your bean to door delivery. In the depths of the pandemic I received several bags of Trade Coffee a month.

This became a highlight throughout the pandemic – allowing me the chance to try cafe fresh coffee from across the country. We looked forward to our Trade bag in the mail – which included a bio of the roaster and information about the blend.

I still maintain my Trade subscription, but reduced it down to one bag a month as I’m able to return to many of my fave coffee shops and experience the java beat at coffee hotspots where I travel for work and fun.

I thought it would be fun to start a special weekly edition of American Nomad focused on Coffee + Cafes.

Destination Coffee – is going to be your source for unique and delicious coffee finds, from big city travels to rural adventures. I’m also open to your suggestions on which of your favorite cafes to feature in upcoming posts.

Also, while I love coffee, I understand that you might prefer a cup of tea or a craft beverage. Destination Coffee will feature the beans, the tea leaves, pastries and all the other cafe delights along the way.

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  1. Love this blog & your photo !!! Fun to read about your coffee adventures!! I like that you order a variety of coffees and ship to your home.

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