Yellowstone Discovery: Check into the Lake Hotel

The Lake Hotel at Yellowstone Lake is one of my favorite places in the world! As I mentioned in a previous post, the hotel has a romantic elegance that makes you feel as though you stepped back in time to a Golden era of travel.

The Lake Hotel is a neo-classical/Colonial revival hotel that was originally built in 1891 and remodeled several times over the years. It is the oldest operating hotel still in the park.

It was re-designed by Old Faithful Inn designer, Robert Reamer. The Lake Hotel’s colonial revival design is a stark contrast to the more ‘woodsy’ parkitecture of other park hotels. It reminds me of a grand lake hotel from the Gilded Age.

Checking in to the Lake Hotel – you can enjoy a wonderful meal at the hotel’s award winning restaurant, which offers sweeping views of the lake.

I enjoy dining at Lake at lunch so you can take in the scenery with picture size windows. The menu is more family friendly at lunch, and leans to gourmet cuisine at night.

Enjoy a huckleberry infused cocktail, sitting on a rocking chair, while listening to relaxing piano tunes as you take in the view.

In addition to the main hotel, the Lake area also has a family friendly cabins.

The Lake Lodge Cafeteria is a good option for family friendly fare with a rustic vibe.

To learn more check out the hotel website.

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