Yellowstone Discovery: Upper Geyser Basin Jewels

Before we continue east on Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road across the Continental Divide, we are going to explore additional parts of the Upper Geyser Basin. “The majority of world’s active geysers are in the Upper Geyser Basin, including Old Faithful. Only four other places in the world have large concentrations of hydrothermal features: Russia (Kamchatka), […]

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Yellowstone Discovery: FireHole Road

We are continuing our Yellowstone adventures, embarking east from Madison Junction towards Old Faithful. This sixteen mile drive crosses through the fiery ground of Yellowstone’s Lower Geyser Basin, in a land of rivers and dramatic waterfalls, valleys and the shadow of the caldera. Turning right at Madison Junction towards Old Faithful, steam rises to the […]

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Yellowstone Discovery: West Yellowstone

We are kicking off our virtual tour of Yellowstone’s Lower Loop in one of the funnest towns in the west – West Yellowstone. Located on the southwestern edge of Yellowstone, West Yellowstone (affectionately known as ‘West’) is YNP’s year-round destination for outdoor adventure. West is a the busiest of Yellowstone’s gateway towns, with millions of […]

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Yellowstone Discovery – Mammoth Hot Springs

Located at Yellowstone’s northern entrance you’ll Mammoth Hot Springs – an otherworldly wonderland of travertine castles and bubbling steaming hot springs. Mammoth is known for it’s elegant travertine terraces and sweeping views of the neighboring Absaroka and Gallatin Mountain Ranges. “No human architect ever designed such intricate fountains as these. The water trickles over the […]

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Yellowstone – Northern Entrance

Yellowstone is celebrating 150 years in 2022 as the world’s first national park! To commemorate this momentous occasion – American Nomad is blogging through Yellowstone. In our previous entries overviewed the park and its geology…today we are starting our Northern Discovery of Yellowstone with a stop Yellowstone’s original gateway town of Gardiner and a stop […]

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Shenandoah Adventures

One of my favorite places to visit is Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. Located only 75 miles from DC, Shenandoah rises above the Shenandoah Valley in the west and Piedmont region in the east, Shenandoah is an expanse of sweeping meadows, lost waterfalls, jagged peaks and over 500 miles hiking trails. The highlight of Shenandoah is […]

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