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New York City is home to 145 museums, amazing restaurants, award-winning shows and tons of history…

New York Explorer Blog dives into NYC history, museums and sites

NYC Explorer: Fun Facts about Central Park

We’ve spent the past few weeks discovering NYC’s museums and history…today we’re going to pause and enjoy some rest and adventure in gorgeous Central Park. Did you know that Central Park welcomes over 42 million people every year? Still the park exudes solitude and transports visitors from the bustle and hectic NYC streets to ambling…

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NYC Explorer: Iconic Venues

New York is the city that never sleeps with bustling nightlife from Broadway to Lincoln Center. Whether you are in the mood for a classical concert, riveting drama, sing along musical, ballet, opera and more…New York offers something for everyone. With so many performers moving to NYC to pursue The Broadway dream – on any…

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NyC Explorer: Revolutionary History

On this edition of American Nomad we’re going on an expedition to uncover New York City’s pre-1800 historical sites… We’ll discover important sites that witnessed Colonial America to NYC’s important role in the American Revolution and founding of a nation. While much of NYC’s early history has been build over with increasing population and needs…

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