Destination Nashville

Nashville is a crossroads of culture and life.  Located on a bend in the Cumberland River amid the rolling hills of Tennessee’s mid-country, the city was founded in 1779 as a Fort Nashborough.  The town developed into an important trading post and economic center, becoming the state capital in 1843, after long being the state’s political hub.  The land is rich in prehistoric history from Mississippian to Cherokee influences.  Nashville remained a bloody artery for the battle of the south in the Civil War.  Downtown Nashville has Civil War ghosts from the Battle of Nashville – while ghosts of the Ryman sing a bitter sweet melody to the golden past of a bygone era of honkytonk echoes.

I love Nashville.  A part of my heart will always be a Tennessean – lost in the rich lore of the land and always ready to explore the countless adventures in the city grid and within the nucleus of Davidson County.  Nashville lives up to its title – ‘Athens of the South,’ and not just because it has a full scale replica of The Parthenon in the heart of the city in Centennial Park – Nashville is a renaissance town with a diverse blend of music, technology, historical roots blossoming into time honored cultural traditions, a flourishing educational center with Belmont University and Vanderbilt University (among other great schools), it is known for top of the line medical facilities, locally sourced organic homegrown restaurants, arts in motion, neighborhood involvement…in-city parks and countless recreation.  Nashville is a terrific place to visit.  It provides a gracious southern antebellum toast intermingled with the edge of a world-class city.  Nashville is a city on the move.

I look forward to exploring Nashville with you on this Vagabond Warrior and Adele Belle series ‘Nashville to Asheville.’  I left five years ago and the heartbeat of music city and chords of truth still sing my name.

Nashville is a complex culture, a melting pot of music, food and life – it would take a lifetime to fully experience every tick of the city’s beat, but suffice it to say we’ll have to settle for two weeks this time around.  I am going to do my best to highlight the flavor of the city sights, history, food and culture.  I will fall short of the mark, like I said – Nashville has so much life, but at least I can tease your curiosity to take your own vagabond voyage to Music City.

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My goal is to organize this journey with Vagabond Insider Lists, Quick Tips and Itineraries…

Itineraries include:

Nashville History Trail – articles on the history of the region from Fort Nashborough to Andrew Jackson’s The Hermitage, Belle Meade and historic Franklin TN…

Nashville Music Sounds – articles focusing on Nashville’s music history, music scene and artists making an Indie imprint in town.  Nashville has so many talented musicians it is overwhelming.  It is something I miss as a songwriter living in the constant rhythm of acoustic guitars and banjos – Nashville is more than country – It is MUSIC CITY – on any given night you can take your pick of world class music from bluegrass to honkytonk to blues to rock to hip hop – it is all in MUSIC CITY.

I am going to start our journey off in the heart of the city – where history and rhythm collide in fun for all ages.  So stay tuned to our next several posts as we hit on some great downtown highlights.  I will re-blog some entries on partner site Adele Belle along with recipes ideal for Antebellum Kitchen.

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