Must See Museums in Florence Italy

Must See Museums in Florence Italy… We’re continuing are Italian Adventures today by exploring Must-See Museums of Florence. As the Birthplace of the Renaissance and cultural hub for over 2000 years, it could take weeks (to a lifetime) to discover all of the amazing museums, historical and cultural sites that Florence has to offer. As […]

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Venice Explorer: The Doge’s Palace

In today’s edition of American Nomad, we’re continuing our tour of Venice with a stop at the gorgeous Palazzo Ducale, which is located just off St. Mark’s Square The Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale was the seat of Venetian government. Venice as known as the ‘Most Serene Republic,’ as it ws self-governed by officials and […]

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Destination Coffee: Venice

This edition of Destination Coffee is in heavenly Venice where on every street corner (and in between) you’ll discover heavenly pastries and delicious cappuccino and espresso. Italians take their coffee very seriously. They like their coffee often and drink it in small and fast portions, without milk. Popular drinks like Cappucino (with milk) are forbidden […]

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An Italian Adventure

In January 2023, I was blessed with the opportunity to embark on a eigh-day grand tour of Italy. I’ve dreamed of visiting Italy since elementary school when I first learned about The Roman Colesseum. My passion for Italian art was sparked at Broughton High School’s Social Studies class. I finally got the chance to live […]

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