IMG_0765American Nomad is a crossroads of culture, adventure and food.

American Nomad is a travel site dedicated to travel, from off the beaten path excursions to history and mystery tours of our national parks, sweet tea and rum on a rocking chair ocean side…We all long to break our routine to travel beyond our peripheral vision where imagination becomes reality.  I love to travel, but money and time often are road blocks.  The tremendous advantage of the internet is the ability to connect on a different frontier, exploring wild places and bustling city streets from our web browsers, tablets and phones.

We’ll travel around the globe – even if it is from cyberspace – the time distance continuum may not catapult us to rocket speed light sound but we can experience other cultures and places through the world-wide web, trying culinary traditions in the comfort of our own stove and dreaming about passport stamps and travel brochures.

This blog is a bridge.  I am going to write about my adventures, past, present and future on the road.  It also will have feature articles on destinations I dream about going to in the edge of sunrise, but time is too much of a thief to allow right now.  Travel, food, adventure.  Let’s take this journey into the great unknown.


– to offer an open journal to my travel experiences.  This is a bit of travel philosophy at times as seeing new places makes you step out of yourself a bit – learning and reflecting on the experience.

– Travel tips and itineraries – as I grow the blog I will provide detailed information to help you plan the best trip or at least cruise surf side in your web browser

– Travel Music and Books – everyone needs books and music on the road – look for reviews, playlists and vagabond worthy music and arts festivals worth miles to memories…

– Endless possibilities; I hope to turn this into a destination site.  It’s going to take a lot of work, but I plan to steal what few seconds i have outside of work to do what I love – TRAVEL and helping others learn about exciting locales – from history to art to food and beyond.  Big cities and lost prairies – Adventure is not mastered on cruise control

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