It is never too late to CHANGE COURSE

The earth has tilted its axis shifting winter into spring.  As I was folding clothes today at my job I dreamed of faraway places.  I shifted through magazines on my lunch break, one clothing catalog showing perfect pictures of St. Barths, enticing me towards a deserted island with just my journal, ink, camera and island beat.  Okay so I might not be ready to get LOST in the mad savage jungles in the midst of the Smoke Monster, but spring has renewed my hope in making dreams come true.

I saw a sign today that spoke directly to my heart and mind:


As spring’s glory bursts to life take time to pause and meditate on your life, your blessings and what works and is not working in your current navigation chart.  How can you make more time to do the things you enjoy – the passions that make life worth living (i.e. friends, music, travel, food, GOD and faith, finding yourself on lost highways)

Part of my mission is to take one step at a time and keep believing in God’s grace out of hardship – seeing the beautiful in the ordinary is an amazing gift.

On my sister blog: Adele Belle we are looking inward at Spring Cleaning tips from Messy Closet/Clean Closet to fashion and health posts to help navigate the transition from the dead of winter to the vibrant birth of spring.

In my travel philosophy I look to always bringing a map, but being willing to chart a new direction when life charges you to take flight – sometimes this is a whisper – a gut pinch you cannot ignore.  So this spring do what you love – even if it is for five minutes a day…take time to learn new things…focus on your mental and spiritual health and of course be ready to trek into the great unknown and wander in the adventure of new roads.  Trust intuition, believe in yourself, help those around you and never lose sight of your internal compass – use reason but don’t listen to fear…fear paralyzes, look for opportunities to hike when you are forced to climb mountains…take time to help others when you have extra food on the table…take back roads, don’t lose focus of your goals, but remember your discover life in the journey. You have to mix paint, buy a canvas and create a painting through painstaking and vibrant brushstrokes to create a masterpiece.

Life is not perfect, God shows us grace in imperfections and you’ll find the detours you dread become stories that last a lifetime.

Remember when God called the Hebrews OUT of Egypt – he did not give them a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean to Israel – he taught them lessons on the road in desert times and in that wonder and trial a fire of love and light is lit – an empathy for others and a desire to praise all of the creation and help the weak.  That is why I like to always get to know a place, the people and local color when I travel.

Vagabond Warriors – set your course to ADVENTURE.


Stay tuned to Vagabond Warrior as I continue to charge into unknown territory with travel and lifestyle blogs.  You might also like my old blog (which I sometimes post archived adventures)

Heard this song today and thought it was a great song about changing direction…

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